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Headphone Disco: The Silent Party People

  • America’s most popular college dance party. Multiple APCA ‘Dance Party Of The Year’ winner
  • As seen at music festivals, clubs and theatres around the world.
  • Thousands of awesome three channel ‘light up’ wireless headphones available
  • Perfect for indoor AND outdoor spaces. No noise issues. Set up anywhere!
  • All DJs, headphones, tech, stage dressing and travel included in one flat price.
Want To Know More?

We do high capacity events, we do low capacity events and we do everything in between. And we will NEVER be beaten on price as we guarantee to beat any like for like quote. So, not only can you be sure you will be getting the creators of this concept and the best equipment available, but you will also be getting the best price on the market!


Boom Boom Bingo: Blending Your Grandma’s Favorite Game With A Legendary Dance Party

  • Think you know bingo? Think again! Special ‘Trigger tracks’ throughout each game that will get everyone out of their seats. Number 17? Get ready for some ‘Dancing Queen’ by ABBA! Number 5? Party with Lou Bega as ‘Mambo Number 5’ gets loud!

  • Get on your feet between rounds while the Boom Boom Bingo DJ spins the hottest party tunes and throwbacks to keep the party going.

  • Bingo cards and pens, prizes, DJ, host, backline including screen and projector, Bingo Wheel of Fortune, and travel included in one flat price.

  • Prizes include gift cards to Starbucks, Amazon, Chilis, and more!


Prepare to rethink everything you know about bingo – this ain’t no nursing home game for Grandma! This event is hosted by our awesome host and DJ with insane prizes, 80s/90s/00s throwbacks, sing-alongs, hilarious party games, Wheel Of Fortune spins, and a whole lot of bingo madness! Boom Boom Bingo can be offered as a live or completely virtual experience.


Roller Rave: We Rock … You Roll!

  • The classic ‘roller disco’ spun on its head with the volume all the way up!

  • Up to 400 ravers can skate during the event across 4x 1-hour time slots. A uniformed event manager will be provided to ensure the event runs as smoothly as the skates, as well as training student volunteers.

  • Our resident DJ spins the hottest tracks to both the skating ravers and to our dedicated ‘dance zone’ where non-skaters can get their groove on when they’re not tearing up the roller rink.

  • All equipment including non-scuff skates and wrist protection, DJ, event manager, and travel included in one flat price.

  • Safeguarding materials for the venue, which includes highly-visible cones to mark off the area between skating and dance floor area. Skate safe out there, ravers!


Rock meets Roll with this party on wheels – all you need is a solid, flat, non-carpeted indoor surface and a killer party attitude. Our DJ keeps the party pumping from start to finish, so everyone has a night to remember, whether you’re skating, raving or both!


Throwback Time Machine: Awesome Video Dance Party

  • This video dance party puts the classics of days gone by back to back with the hits of today to give you a crazy time warp extravaganza!

  • Unique, never-before-seen edits of popular music videos played on the big screen to make this a truly immersive experience.

  • This is the only time you’ll be encouraged to ‘Push the Big Red Button!’ and activate the time machine to cruise through the decades to a randomly selected year.

  • DJ, backline, Big Red Button, video screen, stage dressing and travel included in one flat price.

  • Have the crowd moving and grooving in sync with the biggest dance hits from The Cupid Shuffle to the Macarena and everything in between.


Video definitely killed the radio star and we’re here to prove it! Throwback Time Machine is the perfect video dance party for all ages. We’ll bring a spectacular stage set-up, interactive dance routines where the audience becomes part of the show, karaoke singalongs, and of course, our outrageous resident DJ. Are you ready to ‘Push The Big Red Button?!


Light It Up: The World’s Wildest Glow Party

  • Get ravey with our awesome neon rave accessories to really light up the crowd at the world’s wildest glow party! Glowsticks, anyone?

  • Our resident DJ spins the hottest selection of EDM and Top 40 remixes to keep the energy high and the bass pumping all night long

  • Learn the fundamentals to kickstart your very own superstar DJ career with our ‘Be the DJ’ masterclass hosted by our resident spinners

  • Turn your college into the Electric Daisy Campus with the insane lights and banging sounds of this incredible dance party, customized to fit any budget or location


Our unforgettable dance experience blends pumping sounds, mesmerizing lights and our resident DJ’s crazy skills to create an event like no other. The crowd becomes an explosion of bright neon to really turn the party up to 11 at this interactive campus experience modelled on the warehouse raves of Europe!


BoomBox Trivia: Where Trivia and Dance Party Collide

  • Trivia meets Dance Party in this interactive, high-energy live show.
  • Push your general knowledge to the limits as our energetic host fires through rounds of fun trivia to get your mind racing.
  • Then push your dancing abilities further during our music breaks, where our DJ will be cutting and scratching a mashup of your favorite dance hits.
  • DJ, host, backline, video screen, stage dressing, prizes, and travel included in one flat price.

Where trivia turns into a dance party! Do you know your Einsteins from your Eisenhowers? Your Lady Gagas from your Lady Macbeths? This show is guaranteed to be full of laughs, killer tunes and fascinating trivia! Test your knowledge and challenge your peers to see who will come out on top and win one of our awesome prizes! Boombox Trivia can be offered as a live or completely virtual experience.


Back2Life: Work Hard • Play Harder

  • This full-production dance experience brings world-class production values straight from stadiums direct to any college campus.

  • This immersive experience is perfect if you’re looking to bring the sounds of Berlin’s warehouse raves or Ibiza’s banging beach parties to your campus. Our top class DJs and insane lighting packages keep the party bouncing all night long.

  • We handle all aspects of the show ‘from tech to talent’ all the while working hard to ensure that we deliver the most awesome dance event possible and bring your campus Back2Life!


‘Work hard, play hard’ is how every college experience should be, we’re just here to bring a little extra life to the party with this full-production, immersive dance experience! Bring your students ‘Back2Life’ with the mother of all dance experiences. Lights, lasers, action!


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